Do You Need A Better Indoor Play Place To Take The Kids?

September 15, 2015by HippoHopp0

This is how HippoHopp got started. With 2 boys 22 months apart – and the oldest one a powerhouse of energy who never slept – I needed a safe place to take both kids where they could expend their energy and I would be able to chase after them. As they got older and the little one started to walk (run!), the older one needed a special diet (gluten free, dairy free, organic). I still needed a better place to take the kids but now it also needed to have a toddler area as well as a bigger kid area AND not have junk food displays that caused some sort of melt down either on the way in or the way out. This did not exist at all. At the same time, we were learning all about the toxic effects of our everyday cleaners and even furniture and the negative impact on our children’s health and systematically removing these from our home – and finding a place outside the home that offered this definitely did not exist. The more we wished for these elements in an indoor playground and discussed with our parent friends, the more we realized that healthy and eco-friendly indoor play options were missing in Atlanta!

After 7 years….HERE WE ARE! Still proud to offer a truly non-toxic indoor playground that is lots of fun, a space that can be enjoyed by both kids and adults and a healthy café that offers foods that parents want to serve their kids and adults want to eat. We feature indoor fitness for kids and comfortable seating for adults, free wifi, current magazines and a great view of the play area so adults can have a conversation while kids play.

We hope you will enjoy HippoHopp! Owning a business like ours can be a lot, but getting positive feedback from our regular families and nannies and little hoppers keeps us going. Next time you stop in to play, let us know if there is something you like or something you new you would like to see. Hope you hopp in soon.

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