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How do I book private party?

Private party cannot be booked online, for private parties please call 404-634-4964

Am I allowed to bring alcoholic beverages to my party?

No alcoholic beverages or illegal substances are ever allowed inside hippohopp.  If alcohol or drugs are seen inside your party room, your party will end and you will be asked to leave immediately.  No refunds will be issued.  911 will be called asap for any unruly behavior.

Why should I have my party at HippoHopp?

Our staff is highly trained and detail-oriented. We handle the sign-in of the guests, set up the party room and help serve all the food, and take care of the cleanup. We make it easy for you to relax and make memories. We offer Party Packages to fit all budgets and cater from our in-house HippoHopp Cafe. Check out our online reviews to see what other parents have said about us.

Am I getting a good deal?

Our prices are extremely competitive with other kids’ party venues. Plus, we offer exceptional service and fantastic food that we make right in our kitchen.

When do the parties begin?

HippoHopp parties are from 10-12, 12:30-2:30, 3-5 and 5:30-7:30.

Do kids play or go in party room first?

The first 75 minutes is for play and face painting (fp currently not available due to Covid). The last 45 minutes takes place in the party room where your child and guests can enjoy pizza and party food.

Can I go to my party room right at my party start time?

We do our best have the party room available when the party arrives. Occasionally, a little extra time is needed for set up while the children are playing in the arena. The party room is guaranteed to be available and set up within 15 minutes of your party start time.

I am not sure which package to choose from…?

The HippoHopp Party Package is a shared party. That means that while you will still get a private party room, the play arena and all other areas of HippoHopp will be shared with other guests. The Private Party Package is best if you want to have the facility just for you and your guests. *Private Party Packages are available at select times only.

How many pizzas come with my Party Package?

1 per 6 kid / 2 per 10, 16, 20 kid / 3 per 24 & 30 kid. All pizzas included in the package are either cheese or pepperoni pizzas. You can get toppings at an additional charge. Our pizzas are large, 16″ pizzas. We cut them into 16 slices for parties, so they go a long way to feed the kids.

How do I book a party?

Please make an online reservation system. Our online system is very comprehensive, only shows available dates and times to book, and allows you to add on any items that you would like for your party. A deposit is required in order to complete the reservation (amex, visa, mc or discover). Once reservation is complete, an invoice will be emailed to the email address that you provided and that serves as confirmation of your party. If you don’t receive that email within an hour of placing your order, please email us at [email protected].

I reserved a party online…do I need to further confirm the birthday party with HippoHopp?

Once your reservation is complete, an invoice will be emailed to the email address that you provided and that serves as confirmation of your party. If you don’t receive that email within an hour of placing your order, please email us at [email protected] or call us during business hours. You do not need to further confirm the party. If you would like to add on additional foods, décor or services, you can either email or call us (phone/email instruction can be found on top of your order invoice) . Please make sure to add these additional items at least 5 days prior to your party so that we can make sure to be accommodate your request. Please note that email is always the best and fastest way to contact us.

Are my adult guests required to wear socks?

Yes, socks are required for everyone beyond the admissions counter. Socks and shoe covers are available to purchase at the admissions counter.

How do I add on additional food or make other changes to my party after I have reserved?

If you would like to upgrade or add-on food, goody bags or make other changes, the best way to do so is by emailing us by replying to your reservation confirmation email. Some food items must be requested 5 days in advance.

Does HippoHopp provide goody bags?

Goody bags are available to add on to any party package but not included. They are $3 each. HippoHopp Goody Bags include: 50% off coupon for your guest’s next visit to HippoHopp, swirly lollipop, party blowouts and LOTS of other fun stuff that the kids will love.

Can I bring my own goodie bags?

You may bring in your own goodie bags if you prefer.

Where do I get HippoHopp invitations and thank you notes?

Click to download INVITATIONS and THANK YOU NOTES.

Do I count the birthday child and siblings as guests?

Yes. All children over the age of 1 year that will attend the party will be considered as a party guest. Let us know if you need help in wording your invitations to either include or exclude siblings.

What if more kids/ guests show up than I booked?

Your party host will keep track of the amount of children signed in your party and either add a per-child fee or bump you up to the next package depending upon your preference. The host will make sure all children get juice boxes and place settings.

What if all of my guests don't show up?

You are responsible for paying for the number of guests that you booked at time of reservation.

Can I change my party package to a smaller size?

Your party package can be downgraded until 21 days before the party. If there are less than 21 days until the party, downgrades are not permitted.

Do I have to pay for children that won't be playing on the equipment?

All children ages 1 to 10 years need to be paid for. If there are children older than 10 years attending the party, admission does not need to be paid for them. Though a waiver still needs to be signed by an adult/guardian, the anyone over the age of 10 years (except parents playing with their children), will not be allowed on the inflatables.

Can I take leftover food home?

Yes! Absolutely! We will box it up for you.

Can I bring my own food?

When you have a reserved party with us you should bring in your own cake or other birthday dessert as that is not included with your party package. Other outside food and drinks are not permitted UNLESS you opt to pay an outside catering fee of $50. If you choose to pay the outside catering fee and bring your own food please remember that you are responsible for bringing serving utensils, any to-go boxes or other items needed for packing leftovers and you will not be able to use our kitchen facility for any food preparation.

What if I have more than one birthday child?

Yes, you are welcome to have more than one guest of honor for your party. There is no extra charge for additional birthday kids, but don’t forget to include all of the birthday kids in your headcount.

Can I bring my own decor?

You are welcome to bring in party decorations. If you do, you are responsible for setting them up and taking them down within the allotted time frame of your party reservation.

Can I bring my own balloons?

Yes, you are welcome to bring any decor. Make sure your balloons are already inflated as we do not have helium.

What is the price to add on face painting?


What kind of food do you cater?

HippoHopp caters from our in-house Hippo Cafe and offers everything from specialty pizzas, chicken nuggets, chicken tenders, party platters and more. Visit our Party Menu page for more details. You may take home any leftovers and we will even box them up for you!

Can I add food on the day of the party?

While we cannot guarantee accommodations for food orders the day of the event, we will do our best. It is best to make all food reservations when you book the party. Pizza orders placed the day of the party need to be done so at least 45 minutes in advance prior to going into the private party room.

What is your cancellation policy?

Please refer to Party Terms.

Should I tip my party host?

Gratuity is never expected, but greatly appreciated. If you feel so inclined, you can add gratuity for your party host at checkout. When you leave a tip for your host, it is shared with the entire supporting staff who worked hard to make your party great.

Can I request a specific party room?

You are welcome to make a request. We do our best to accommodate all room requests but do not make guarantees as room placement is determined by party size. Please make sure to add it under the “comments” section of your party order when booking online.

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