HippoHopp’s Healthy Holiday Food Options

November 25, 2019by HippoHopp0

The holidays are, once again, upon us and so are yummy comfort foods, sugary snacks and LOTS of grab-n-go meals.  The goal is always to run the season and not have it run us, but we all know that doesn’t happen as much as we would like.  So, knowing you’re going to be busy focusing on to-do lists, activities, kids’ school performances, Healthy Holiday Food Options is the best thing we can do for our bodies is fill it with healthy food and keep it active.

While you’re on the go during this busy season, you can rest knowing you can take the kids to HippoHopp and they’ll be able to fill their bodies with healthy, all natural junk food alternatives. HippoHopp’s HippoCafe not only has snacks they will love but full meals, too.

Our menu options are all made in our kitchen using only the healthiest of ingredients … even offering gluten-free and dairy-free selections.  Smoothies are also made with nutrition in mind, as well.  Try our Green Energy, Cranberry Cleanser, Chocolate Banana or Happy Hippo smoothies – all with nutritional boosts we all can use around the holidays.  Kids love them and parents approve!  From good ol’ fashioned PB&J to more traditional ‘kid food’ like chicken nuggets, we’ve got dinner covered.

Mealtime for you is just as important!  Our enticing “Grown Up Food” will make deciding difficult.  From our organic Splendid Spinach Salad to Hearty Homemade Soups, Fresh-to-Order Veggie Quesadillas and Homemade Hummus, fresh sandwiches, Black Bean or Turkey Burgers, Oh My! …and lots more to choose from our Healthy Holiday Food Options.

Make HippoHopp your destination for holiday meet-ups with friends and family!  Grown ups can fuel up with Salad, Smoothie or Fresh Sandwiches and Soup or talk over coffee or High Ph water while kids eat, then play and get their Winter exercise in!

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