How An Indoor Playground Can Be GREEN

November 25, 2019by HippoHopp0

HippoHopp Has GREEN Indoor Playground

Being green takes a little extra work and costs a bit more (….ahem! quite a bit more than being non-green), but to us, it’s worth it.  Being green means protecting our health as much as not harming our environment.  Our kids are worth it, our employees are worth it and your health is worth it.   All of the things we insist on in our home are what we want for HippoHopp … even though making these eco-friendly practices work on such a large scale can be challenging.

  • Non-VOC Paint – Indoor playgrounds are big spaces and if there are volatile organic compounds being emitted from all of the walls and the ceiling that is really going to add up.  Going with non-voc paint is a no-brainer.
  • Lead-Free Play Equipment – Yep, it can be in there!  Even though we all know its harmful effects, large inflatable play equipment can still have lead in it.  Although legislation has been put into place in the last 5 years to limit the amount allowed in the equipment, it is still legal for a certain amount to be present.  It is also possible to invest in higher quality certified lead-free equipment which is the safest way to go and all HippoHopp equipment is certified LEAD FREE.
  • Recycling –  We are proud to recycle as much as we can from our facility and don’t mind paying extra for the recycling dumpster to do it.
  • Non-Toxic Cleaning Supplies – We partner with Healthy Green Schools and use only super-effective and yet still non-toxic cleaning supplies that are not harmful to people or the environment.  It is possible to get hospital-grade disinfectants that kill all of the bad bacteria and virus germs that we worry about and will not cause and/or aggravate serious heath conditions in kid or adults.
  • The Little Things Add Up – Lots of small stuff that is hard to notice… composting in the café and kitchen, bpa-free receipt paper that can be recycled without contaminating the rest of the recyclables, switching to led lights from the old-fashioned gym lights in our warehouse space, using fans to circulate the air and help out the a/c units, offering local and organic items on our menu…

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